Shetu Pesticides Ltd (SPL) imports, formulates, repackages pesticides for the Bangladesh market, in both private and public sector. It currently it has 50+ registered brands both for agricultural and public health products, in the form of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides, and PGRs; covering all major formulation types liquid (EC, SC, SL, EW), granular (G), powders (WDG, WP, SP).

By volume & value, approximately 50% of SPL’s output is formulated i.e. process of combining active ingredients with carrier materials, binders & others to produce finished material; each formulation is as per principal company’s process design, guidance and formula. The remainder of products are imported in finished form and then re-packed into retail size packaging. All of the formulation and repacking operations are done in SPL’s factory premises.

There are separate 1mt/hr granular formulation units for sand & brick chip based products, and several 1mt/hr liquid formulations lines for EC lines. Fully automated bagging lines are being introduced for granular products and fully automated bottling line for the liquids, in addition to the existing semi-auto & manual packaging systems. For quality control, there is an in-house laboratory with GLC, flame photometer, atomic absorption spectrometer and other lab related equipment. Aggregate production and packaging capacity is around 7,000 M.T. per annum.