NAAFCO (Pvt) Ltd is engaged in the import, trading, distribution, and marketing of fertilizers, and the production of NPKS fertilizer & organic compost. It imports primary fertilizers such as TSP, DAP, MOP, SOP; secondary fertilizers such as Kieserite, zinc sulphate, chelated zinc & boron, solubor and boric acid; further items such as MAP, ammonium sulphate, dolomite and gypsum are imported for use in NAAFCO’s NPKS production. The primary fertilizers are sold in 50kg bags and the secondary in 1kg retail packing, all under the NAAFCO brand. The NAAFCO brand has earned a unique reputation for product quality, correct weights and for constant innovation. It pioneered NPKS, SOP (powder & granular), DAP, granular MOP, Magnesium Sulphate, and Chinese phosphate fertilizers for local market, as well as 1kg retail packing. It was also the first in the market with compost based organic fertilizer in the late 90s.

NAAFCO (Pvt) Ltd is also currently engaged in the seed business. It grows F1 hybrid variety seeds by its own arrangement, as well as OP variety HYV rice by contract farming. These are then packed and sold by SEMCO dealer network. Recently imported vegetable seeds, hybrid maize, and sweetcorn are being sold.