A special fluorescent yellow in color, Goldenbac has a special wavelength and high reflectivity which can expand its range to lure pests effectively. It can capture whiteflies, striped flea beetles, and also larger size melon and fruit flies. The stickiness of Goldenbac makes it difficult for pests to escape once stuck. It is double-sided, which can reduce farmer's cost and enhance crop protection.


A special sky-blue high reflectivity paper that is easy and convenient to use. During application fingers remain clean due to special high quality glue. Very eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic in nature, it is also waterproof and spray resistant. It is double-sided in form with its glue having an anti-UV property that does not deteriorate and break down in the field. It can be used in greenhouses, glasshouses, polyhouses and open fields and can perform effectively for 4 weeks.


The distinct bags are meant to protect fruits from fungus, bugs, and dripping saps. They are waterproof and inner lined with activated carbon to absorb moisture. The fruits as a result become blemish-free thus more value for the grower, better looking for consumer with less spray and residue from pesticide products.